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Here are some of our recent photographs.

Most of the photos are thumbnails that you can click on to get a larger version to enjoy.

Go to Page 1 --  photos of recent events
Go to Page 2  -- Port Jefferson 2008
                               Niblett's Bluff 2008

Go to Page 3  -- Crockett dedication 2008
                               DeRidder, LA  2008

Go to Page 4  -- Evadale Parade 2007
                               Sabine Pass 2007
                               Nat'l Convention 2007

Go to Page 5  -- School Day 2007
                               Confederate Memorial Day 2007
                               Liendo Plantation  2006
Older Photos -- Sabine Pass 2005
                                Memorial Day 2004
                                Watson Chapel  2005
                                Buna Rosebud Festival 2005 & 2007
                                Woodville Dogwood Festival 2007
                                Pleasant Hill 2005






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