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 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Orange, Texas

in beautiful Southeast Texas
Battle of Sabine Pass links

Dick Dowling SCV Camp #1295

Cotton Clad Mountain Howitzer

W.T. Block's article

Fort construction article by W.T. Block

Heroine of Sabine Pass

And there's a whole lot of good reading at
Texas Coastal Defense
(start on about page 166)

Good info on Spaights Battalion site

Membership info
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Truths of History
by historian Mildred Lewis Rutherford

Truth Of The War Conspiracy
pdf of 1921 book that proves the North started the war
mirror site of this pdf   --  works best if you d/l it then open it

Ft. Sumter Decision
pdf of of book about events leading to war

Heritage Defense    Black Confederates

Black History They Don't want You To Know

A defense of Capt. Henry Wirz

A defense of N.B. Forrest

'Cornerstone Speech' corrected!

H.K. Edgerton's Southernheritage411 site

2008 Is The 'Year Of Davis'

2007 Is The 'Year Of Lee'
Robert E. Lee's 200th Birthday

"Personal Recollections of Robert E. Lee" pub. 1874
Download the PDF then read it

1991 - Resurgence of the Confederate Spirit

Civil War In Four Minutes video

Bonnie Blue Flag origin

Confederate Grub

Period Slang   and speech

From Cotton to T-Shirts: The Role of Cotton in the Civil War
(Thanks, Mesa Valley students!)

Texas and Reconstruction      good links too
(Thanks, Goodwin Community center!)

14th Amendment info  (thanks, Teen Zone!)

People Places and Events of the Civil War
 -- An outstanding collection of info and links.
         (Thanks, Danny!)

Illinois in the war

"Shotgun's" Civil War Page

Historic Battles
Includes Antietam, Gettysburg, Waterloo, the Alamo, and see how Thermopylae is like the 1863 Battle of Sabine Pass!  (Thanks, Valley Book Club!)

Why the "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" is horrible
Link 2      Link 3   Link 4     Link 5
Mark Twain's more accurate version

Modern Southern Chivalry  and  Confederate Colonel

Texas Confederate Flag Project

"Texans In The War" Message Board
This is very active and helpful

Southern Legal Resource Center

Guess What Folks--Secession Wasn't Treason
by Al Benson Jr.

More Southern News

Southern Legacy site
     - - includes some great Southern movies you won't find anywhere else

Fragile Legacies of Dixie

More Facts  ...   And Some More

The Real Reasons There Was  A War

Original early news reports and illustrations 

Eyewitness accounts of the WBTS

Digital Maps of the War 

US Military Academy Library

Too Many Educators Perpetrate Myths

De-Demonizing The South

Beauvoir -- Jefferson Davis' Home  
-- make a donation to restore it!

The Confederate Museum

Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans

Richmond Museum of the Confederacy

Museum of Southern History

CSS Neuse -- Ironclad replica

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Nat'l Order of the Confederate Rose

Military Order of the Stars and Bars

Southern National Congress

Confederate Legion

Confederate Society of America
  -- rumored to be dissolved by their board (!)

2004 Funeral for CSS Hunley crew -- photos

Black Powder Primer

North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA)

Nat'l Parks Service Civil War Soldier/Sailor search
     -- find your ancestors!

CSA Civil War History -- lots of good links. 
Read "A Typical Confederate Soldier".

Our Southern Heritage

Col. John S. Mosby and the Raiders

Texas Camel Corps

1st Texas Infantry

6th Texas

15th Texas Infantry  

Spaight's Battalion (might be offline, hope it comes back)

Texas Ground Hornets

Trans-Mississippi Brigade

37th VA (see Authenticity Guidelines)

CSA Railroads

History Channel -- This Day In History

Dixie Broadcasting -- Confederate Radio

Song of Dixie

Confederate Music with Guitar Chords

Bugle Lessons

Reconstruction and 'Brazil Confederados' links

Confederate Flag Heritage


Confederate American Pride

Revolvers of the North and South

In Defense of Gen. N.B. Forrest

Florida Cracker

Southern National Congress

The Real Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's odd geneology

9/9/07 -- Honoring America's Soldiers, Val Verde Baptist Church, Groves  Video link

Josey Wales: Are you going to pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?




Mirror site for this movie

Posted Apr 24, 2006

Banned 1940 Civil War Cartoon by Fritz Freleng. Salvaged from poor quality copies and digitally restored for Historical and Educational purposes.


"Disney's "Song Of The South"
Released in 1946


website:  chevelle@flatfenders.com 


Camp 1745 Home

Camp Maneuvers
















The Soul Of Lee
Download the PDF then read it

Rickey Pittman

David Moore's page of PDFs

Confederate Catechism
Download the PDF then read it

Confederate Flag: History vs Hysteria
Download the PDF then read it

The Truth Of The Battle Flag
by Pastor John Weaver

"Personal Recollections of Robert E. Lee" pub. 1874
Download the PDF then read it

The Confederate Chronicle

The South's Defender

Georgia Heritage Council 'X-Files'

"One Of Jackson's Foot Cavalry"  (eyewitness)

"A Rebel's Recollections"

The Prairie Traveler by Randolph Barnes Marcy, Captain, U.S.A.

Steamboats On The Sabine River

Civil War Courier

Library of Congress books --
  "American Memory" set

Letters from Soldiers

Ten Volumes of Photos from      the War

Harper's Weekly stories

Confederate Reprint Company

Great list of books here

Confederate Informer

Copperhead Chronicle

Civil War Traveler

Washington Times'  'Civil War' Page

The Confederate Constitution

"Red Eyes In The Fire"

The Escape of John Wilkes Booth

Hunley II

Crossroads Gazette

Butternut and Blue Books

Coffeecamp's Library

Civil War Times

CSA News.org

The War in North Texas and Indian Territory

The Arkansas Toothpick

Rebellion Blog

 Helpful Links for reenactors

Top 10 Drill Reenactorisms

Confederate Ringtones

Jonah Begone -- Scourge of Civil War Reenacting

The Beverly Hillbillies and the War of Northern Aggression

A tribute to Louis Van Slyke


History of Orange, TX

3rd Texas Artillery