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Order of Confederate Rose

Gateway Roses #42

 Orange, Texas

in beautiful Southeast Texas

The OCR is an independent support group to the SCV and local camps thereof, governed by its own bylaws and standing rules.  The OCR is nonprofit, nonracial, nonpolitical and nonsectarian. The OCR assists the SCV with their historical, educational, benevolent and social functions. Special emphasis is placed on the preservation of Confederate symbols.  As there are few rules and restrictions to stifle the creativity of its members, each OCR Chapter is free to focus on the activities important to its local SCV Camp along with supporting their efforts on the state and national levels.





Rose O'Neal Greenhow

The Texas Society Order of Confederate Rose is named in honor of this great lady of the South

   Black Rose 

   Orange OCR Photos  

   SCV Walter P. Lane Camp 1745  

    "Take Me Home" video by Mary Fahl
        from the movie "Gods And Generals"

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