MB Frame Repairs Almost Complete

Left side of frame Right side of Frame On the Axels and Springs
l_frame.jpg (53399 bytes) rf_frame.jpg (67272 bytes) Frameon_MB.jpg (71687 bytes)
L_Frame_gusset.jpg (55535 bytes) RF_Frame_Batt.jpg (64423 bytes) FrameOn_Rear.jpg (78525 bytes)
L_Frame_gusset_outer.jpg (46182 bytes) R_Frame_gusset_outer.jpg (48505 bytes) Pintle_Plate_New.jpg (66809 bytes)
Left_Patch.jpg (54389 bytes) The welding's a bit rough, but it's been 20 years since I did any welding mig or stick. By the way, I've since got the upper frame horns on, and bumper looks good.