frame_tag.jpg (67197 bytes) Frame Tag 102476  


xmember.jpg (64538 bytes) Upper Original rusted out Rad/Grill Xmember driverside_xmember.jpg (62663 bytes) Inside frame where new Xmember will go (upside down and viewed from front.)
This is the driver's side
bot_driver.jpg (65452 bytes) Driver side frame outide bottom, (frame is upside down) bot_driver_inside.jpg (72984 bytes) Driver side frame inside, (frame is upside down)
rightframe_frontxmember.jpg (71866 bytes) Rider side of front frame where replacement xmember will go
riderside_bumpergussetts.jpg (69360 bytes) Rider side bumper gussetts drvrside_bumpergussetts.jpg (56386 bytes) Driver side bumper gussetts
rearbumper1.jpg (53099 bytes) Rear bumper after beating straight with BFH
rearbumper2.jpg (62056 bytes) rider side of bumper, wheere it was folded up