Removed body, engine, etc. And got it down to rolling frame, and many pieces.

Found more problems than I thought were there. 

With not much left of the rear end, and the floorboards and supports almost gone, it's a spare now. Maybe to be rebuilt later. GPW Body as came off the frame
The frame was rusted a lot worse than I thought. GPW Frame and why I didn't rebuild it.
Went and found a Willys WWII frame for a replacement.
Turns out by the SN Tag this Willys frame is from a 1941 slat grill, built Dec 4, 1941. It also had problems, but not near as bad as the GPW.

MB Frame after preliminary preps.

MB Frame almost ready, still have to reinstall the inner frame boxing.

(I've found a new owner right here in Austin for this item.)