Started the rebuild Feb 15, 2000. Decided it was to far gone in April, 2000.

Why it didn't get rebuilt.

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These were taken on 8/16/99. They sure don't show the major problems.

When I got it in March/99 it was real rough, had no serviceable windshield, and the wiring was basic lights,  and ignition. It barely made it into the garage after I towed it home.

In four months, weekends and after work, and many dollars it became this machine.
Totally rewired 12V system, new gages. (Except for fuel gage and tank which is in the works.)
With a new old set of used springs, rebuilt brake system, and many other items to numerous to mention, it is now licensed, inspected, and road ready. The engine still smokes, and the tranny needs rebuilt.
The first week of August 99, we took it to the beach east of Galveston, Crystal Beach at the Bolivar peninsula near Gilchrist, where the sand is powdery, dry, and deep. I had a lot of fun pulling pickups out of the sand. Most of which were twice my size.

Here's 2 beach pics

JEEP_B_F.jpg (33794 bytes)     jeep_b_T.jpg (37293 bytes)

Unfortunately, when I went to do the frame repairs, I found the frame totally shot.
Between the frame, body and motor, I figured it was more money and time than I wanted to invest.
Besides, that's about time the CJ3 appeared on the scene. So I've been finding homes for all the "good" parts from this GPW.
As of 9-7-00 it's helped get 6 other GPW's on the road, and a couple more are in progress.