GPW Body as taken off the frame.

driver_underside.jpg (69349 bytes) Driver side underneath. I removed the plate that was welded in over the fuel tank well. Which ain't there... driver_floorpan.jpg (53104 bytes) Driver side floorpan from front
body_rear.jpg (85953 bytes) Where a PO made a tailgate,
took a lot of wirebrushing bondo, and grinding angle iron to get the old patches out.
trans_floorpan.jpg (50227 bytes) Transmission floorpan
body_riderside.jpg (56888 bytes) Riderside underneath (Reserved for rear underside pan pic)
rider_side.jpg (46304 bytes) Rider Side Outside driver_side.jpg (58129 bytes) Driver Side outside, been using paint stripper to find the bondo, about 3-4 lbs in this area, seam is broken also
rider_rear.jpg (67500 bytes) Rider side in wheelwell driver side same area looks about the same dash_drvr_chopped.jpg (60003 bytes) View of drive side of dash, where it was chopped out on bottom seam, by steering wheel clamp