I just purchased this Tiger Top from Krage's ( http://www.jeepdoc.com ).
It took one evening, about 4 hours to get the bows and hardware on, and the next evening, about 5 hours to actually get the top, snaps, and doors on.
I been drowning here in Austin lately, the monsoons are upon us.
I followed the directions included, and had very little problems at all. I do have to say, most of the holes I had to drill for the top bows, and snaps, I had to go a step or two up from the drill the recommended.
The only other real problem I have now is what to do with the spare? I had it nicely mounted on the rear tailgate, out of the way when I pulled into the garage. But the rear window of the top comes well below where the top of the spare rack was. Time to re-engineer, and think about it a while.

When I get time, I'll scan the instructions, and make some notes, and try to get some more details on this installation..

tt_1.jpg (115426 bytes)
First pic in the garage , it'll get checked out in the rain tomorrow.

tt_2.jpg (43457 bytes)
These pics are with the sun going down that's where the strange colors come from.
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