Here's some frame and body details.    Transmission and Transfer Case Pics are here.

CJ_Frame_LF.JPG (88993 bytes)
LF Frame Horn Outer
CJ_Frame_LF2.JPG (92237 bytes)
LF Frame Horn Inner
CJ_Frame_RF2.JPG (69581 bytes)
RF Frame Horn Inner
CJ_Frame_RF.JPG (110888 bytes) RF Frame Horn Outer
CJ_Frame_LR.JPG (114825 bytes)
LR Frame Inner
CJ_Frame_RR2.JPG (54866 bytes)
RR Frame Inner 1
CJ_Frame_RR.JPG (70390 bytes)
RR Frame Inner 2
CJ_Frame_RR3.JPG (49908 bytes)
RR Frame Outer
CJ_FrameRear.JPG (134633 bytes)
Rear without bumper installed
CJ_FrameRear2.JPG (139439 bytes)
Rear with bumper just stuck on
CJ_FrameRInsert.JPG (126576 bytes)
Rear bumper insert shown here

Below you see what wrapping hat channel w/ fiberglass does for you.
CJ_Body_DS.JPG (132733 bytes)
Drivers Side after Bondo removed
CJ_Channels_DS.JPG (117513 bytes)
Driver Side Bottom
CJ_Body_RS.JPG (127028 bytes)
Rider Side
CJ_Channels_RS.JPG (135517 bytes)
rider Side bottom
Rebuilt a T90 transmission for the CJ3. sorry, didn't have the camera to get pics during the process. trans.jpg (46035 bytes) And here's a transfer case that I'll rebuild for the "new" transmission over the winter. I've already cleaned up the case, and some bolt-on parts. transfer_parts.jpg (60898 bytes)
I've been using Rick Stivers rebuild docs to do this with.
Rick Stivers Rebuild Tips and Tricks

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T90 rebuild guide

Model 18 Transfer Case Guide