After 4 months, this is the CJ3. Took it to the beach the last week of Aug, 2000.
It preformed great. Top speed about 45mph @ 2400rpm. But it crawled thru powdery sand 2 -3 foot deep, and seemed to like it.
I took these pics outside the shop where I work. Great place to play with the 4WD.
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CJ3_9-7-00_1.JPG (93319 bytes) CJ3_9-7-00_3.JPG (55159 bytes) CJ3_9-7-00_6.JPG (76457 bytes)
Installed new front springs on 9/23/00. What a difference!
The jeep sits 4" higher in the front now.
Had to go and order the rear springs sooner than planned. Just couldn't be driving uphill ALL the time! The fender light is our halogen shell and shark tooth hunting hunting light. My wife and I are dedicated beachcombers.
I moved the spare to the rear tailgate 9/22/00.
CJ3_9-7-00_7.JPG (84198 bytes) CJ3_9-7-00_8.JPG (69083 bytes) CJ3_9-7-00_9.JPG (95180 bytes)  
This is my toolbox/rear passenger ejection seat. (Just Kiddin!)
CJ3_9-7-00_4.JPG (118622 bytes) CJ3_9-7-00_5.JPG (107133 bytes)    
I've moved the coil, and the coil resistor to the firewall and fender.